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How to Reduce Facebook CPA by 37% Using GIFs

Did you know that Facebook allows brands to create ads with GIFs?Autopilot decided to split test this: use a GIF showcasing their product against their current ads.You may find the result surprising!Result: not only did the GIF ad drive the highest volume of free trial signups, it outperformed their average cost per lead by 37%.Here's the exact ad they utilized:Do you want to use GIFs in your Facebook ads?Check out Facebooks guide to Boosting GIFs as adsTo boost a post with a GIF from your Facebook PageYou can use gifs when you make any type of ad from your Page. Click the blue Promote button on the left to see all the ad format options.Create a post with a link to your GIF or upload a GIF directly.If you used a link, wait for the preview of your GIF to load.Post it to your Page.Find the post on your Page (you may need to reload).You can now click Boost Post to promote it to an audience beyond your Facebook followers.Upload a GIF in Facebook Ads ManagerChoose any objective which s…

9 to 5 power moves

9 to 5 power moves
Photo by: Blake Smith, SEO Consultant
Instagrammed at: July 09, 2018 at 08:25AM