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POP vs IMAP E-mail… What’s the difference?

Get the low down on  email plans and what plan suits your needs best - Personal (POP), Deluxe (POP), or Unlimited (IMAP). Check out the webs best E-mail plans HERE.
POP3 or IMAP?!?
POP (Post Office Protocol) delivers your mail from the server at once, “popping” it off the server. You connect to your mail server and download a copy of your messages via POP, and then disconnect.
POP deletes mail from the server by default. As it is retrieved by you, this email is downloaded off the server. You can opt to leave a copy of the message on the server to be downloaded again later if necessary (there are settings for this in Outlook, for example), but there is synchronization between your device and your mail server so the changes you make in Outlook will not be reflected on your phone, or vice versa. The advantages are: A local copy of your email.Very little remote server storage space overhead required (if emails are deleted from the server as they are retrieved).Consolidation of many email ac…