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Branding and your Identity

Why is it that certain popular cultures and sub-cultures feel as though they identify with a certain brand? After all these items, especially fashion, are made out of cotton and thread, rubber and canvas, plastic and wires. Any certain combination of cotton and thread is NOT unique to YOU.
It is called a BRAND for a reason!

I saw a post referring to the above photo, stating that "this is (the reason) why I want to destroy my Vans". There is nothing unique about Vans and whatever culture you identify yourself with. They buy their shoes at the same store as you, and your teenage angst is not exemplified by wearing them.
It's just a brand. It isn't unique. You are.
Just do wear it.

By Blake Smith

Augmented Reality: Google's Project Glass

One day Google will take over the world, knowing our whereabouts and happenings of all of us at all times...

I can't wait.

The fact that this technology is not that far away is both awe-inspring and awful. This kind of technological advancement will always create mass amounts of furor and virality, but will it really make our lives better? Soon enough will we all be walking around looking like Keanu Reeves in "The Matrix." 
I really hope this little gem is executed perfectly and we are all walking around talking to ourselves, in our own little augmented reality.

By Blake Smith

Small planes, Chicago, H&M.

Ok well first of all, this is the plane I am going to be travelling on in approx. 40 minutes:

Cozy isn't it?
The hood news is that after the flight I will be in CHICAGO!!! Even though it is somewhat of a business trip, I am really looking forward to checking out some of my fave shops downtown. 
Blazer - $99 - by H&M

H&M is one of my all-time favourite stores and is one that I will definitely be checking out. They always have pretty good deals and i'm hoping to catch some good ones on the sales rack!
With that being said, it is time to board for my flight. Wish me safe travels and feel free to share your fave new releases by your brand/s of choice!
By Blake Smith