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SEO Consultant vs SEO Agency - What's Better?

One of the first digital marketing issues that you'll find in your business is to figure out what type of SEO service generates the best returns for you. This will help set a baseline of expectations and key performance indicators, so if things take a wrong turn in your first attempt, you’ll have nailed down the requirements for your SEO team and can charge ahead.

With that said...  SEO Agency vs SEO Consultant There are certainly many very good agencies just like there are many bad digital marketing consultants.
Which do you think will work best for your business?

The Inspiring Story of Andre Ingram's NBA Debut

Guard Andre Ingram spent 10 years in the G League (the minor league of the NBA), whose 384 #GLeague games rank second all time. The minor league is mostly used to develop rookies contracted to NBA teams, with the rest of the rosters filled up with players who rarely make it to the big league. Most players that aren't contracted to #NBA teams and play in the minor league typically wash out or go overseas to chase more money after a couple of years. Yesterday, Ingram was called up to LA Lakers. With the team already eliminated from the playoffs and nothing to lose, it was seen by some as a bit of a PR stunt by the Lakers - turning the call-up into a viral video. He was making $26,000 for the year before getting the an emotional call up to the Los Angeles #Lakers this week. He will make over $13,000 playing for the Lakers in the final 2 games of the season, In his debut today, he scored 11 points in first 6 min in the NBA against the leagues best team and finished the game with 19 t…